Hey, my name is Jon Webber and welcome to the blog!

Don’t like the idea of working 40 hours a week doing something you hate for the next 40 years?

Would you rather be able to work when you want, where you want, doing what you want?

The key to financial freedom is having passive income and that’s what we’re all about.

I dropped out of business school in my third year to teach myself about building wealth because I didn’t want to follow societies rules of going to school, getting good grades, and getting a good job so I could one day retire and enjoy life.

The best way to do that was to start an online business that generates passive income and then invest the profits for long-term wealth.

This blog will show how I’m running my online businesses (mainly affiliate marketing), how I’m managing the money I’m making, and how I’m investing the profits.

Interested in doing the same? Check out the resources below and get started!

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