My name is Jon Webber. I create content about generating passive income through online business and investing the profits for long-term wealth and financial freedom.

I run a digital marketing agency and also have different affiliate marketing businesses in various niches. This site is to show you what I’m doing so you can do the same.

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Anyways, here’s a bit about me…

A Bit About Me

I dropped out of business school in my 3rd year to get a real education and create multiple streams of passive income. I’ve always been interested in passive income and building wealth and my blog and YouTube channel were created to share what I’m doing. Here’s my current strategy going forward:

  • Making money through an online business.
  • Managing the money I’m making I’m making properly so I’ll never become broke.
  • Multiplying the money I’m making in stocks and real estate.

At an early age, I was fascinated with business and investing, and knew early on that I’d never work for the man. Financial markets and real estate were always interesting to me, but the whole online passive income thing never really crossed my mind, until I was sitting in class one day and ran across an online ad.

I didn’t even know it was possible to make money on the internet, but I’m sure glad I paid attention…

I was 2 years into my business degree and finally had enough of the BS I was learning.

We were being taught useless outdated methods of marketing, investing, and stuff like that.

Learning marketing from someone who’s never been out in the field…

Learning finance from someone struggling to pay the bills…

Made absolutely no sense.

So I decided to take things into my own hands and learn this stuff for real, so I decided to drop out at the start of my third year, quit my job a few months later, and do this thing full time.

I got started trading the stock market and really enjoyed that, but I needed a way to build income faster because I didn’t have a lot to start with.

That’s when I found Kindle publishing.

I decided to take an online course and 12 days later I had my first book published on Amazon.

A day after that I had my first sale (was pretty excited).

Two months later I was at $3200/month and $5000 a few months later.

The best part was that it literally took 4 hours per week of maintenance to run that business.

That’s the power of online passive income.

I continued doing that for a while and was able to get up to around $7500/month and decided to venture into something different.

That’s when I learned about eCommerce¬†and online marketing.

And that’s where I’m at today…

What I’m spending the majority of my time on these days is making content for this site, running my outdoor survival brand, and helping other businesses grow with my marketing agency.

It’s pretty cool, but guess what…

You can do it too!

For the majority of people, the first place to start would be increasing your income, and there’s no better way to do that than starting an online business. Here are the business models I recommend you start with.


Hope to talk to ya soon, and feel free to message me on Facebook with any questions!


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