How To Create A WordPress Website On Bluehost

Today, I’m gonna show you how to easily start a WordPress website on your own so you can start creating content and making more money. It’s super cheap to get started and it’ll give you the potential to make thousands per month.

I’m gonna be walking you through the process below (video and text) and I’ll have a link to where you can get a free domain name and also discounted hosting. I don’t know how long the deal will be around for so act fast!

If you’re looking to start a website for cheap, then Bluehost will be your host of choice. They’re a great web host and I’ve always had a great experience with them. I’ve tested quite a few different options for hosting and Bluehost was always one of the fastest.

Like I mentioned before, you get a free domain name when you sign up and hosting starts at about $3.95 per month. It’s one of the cheapest things you can do to sell stuff online.

You’ve probably heard of these free website creators like Blogger and Wix, but I’d stay away from those. There are so many reasons why it’s a bad idea so just trust me on that. Pay the small cost to get your own website on your own hosting.

Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons to use Bluehost and WordPress:

  • It’s super simple to use and anyone can set it up.
  • They offer technical support and can help if you have any troubles.
  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • You get a free domain name.
  • WordPress is free through Bluehost.
  • You actually own your website. Not Wix or Blogger.
  • You’ll seem more professional.

If you’re interested in learning more about setting up your own website on WordPress, continue reading below. I have a video and article that will walk you through the entire process and will only take about 8 minutes.

I’ve also created a special bonus for anyone who uses Bluehost through my affiliate link below. I’ve created a video training course that shows how to start a business online that actually makes money. It’ll cover blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing, email marketing, Facebook/Google ads, and a lot more. Simply purchase your hosting and shoot me a message here.

How To Create A WordPress Website On Bluehost

Click here to get your free domain name and website hosting.

Step #1: Register Your Domain & Hosting Account

Click here to get your free domain name and website hosting. Then, click on “Get Started Now”.

Then, you’ll want to pick your web hosting plan. I’d recommend going with the basic plan for now.

Next, you’ll need to pick your domain name. If you already have one you can use that. Otherwise, come up with the name you want and enter that.

Enter your personal info. Pick the package you want. Uncheck all the package extras except the Domain Privacy Protection. Having domain privacy blocks your personal info when people search for your website. Enter your payment info and submit.

Step #2: Set Up WordPress

After you purchase your hosting it’ll ask you to create your account and password. Do that and you’ll be taken to the Bluehost dashboard.

Next, go to “Hosting” and then “Cpanel” and look for “Install WordPress”.

Click on “Install” or “Start”.

Select your domain name.

Finally, fill in your site info.

It might take a few hours for WordPress to be installed on your website. Be patient. You’ll know everything is set up when you go to and you’re able to log in.

Step #3: Log Into Your Website

If you go to you’ll be able to log into your website. The Username and Password are what you entered in the previous step.

You’ll then be in your dashboard where you can change your theme design, add different plugins, and add posts/pages. If you want to see the ins and outs of that, be sure to watch the video since it’s kinda hard to explain in words.

But that’s pretty much about it. You now have your very own website where you can start creating content and growing your business. Remember, if you sign up for Bluehost through my link above I’ll give you access to the course which will show you how to create content, make money, and grow your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you sorted out!

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